Kino Flo KIT-C201-230U

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Kino Flo KIT-C201-230U

Kino Flo KIT-C201-230U Celeb LED 201 DMX Center Mount Kit, Univ 230U.

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Светодиодный осветительный комплект Kino Flo KIT-C201-230U

This Kino Flo CELEB 201 DMX C, UNIV 230U Kit is a portable LED lighting system designed to produce a soft, gentle wrapping light, ideal for professional photo and video capture.

It illuminates colours accurately, virtually matching natural light with its colour rendering index (CRI) of 95. This 201’s white light is dial-in and adjustable from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin – adjustment doesn’t affect light level.

A twistable knob allows for precise manual adjustment of colour temperature, which can then be set to one of the five preset buttons. The presets can be reset back to their defaults, which are 2700K, 3200K, 4500K, 5500K and 6500K respectively. Choose between Kelvin or Dim mode and adjust them independently. Dim can be fully adjusted without resulting in any flicker or colour change.

Тип осветительного прибора Диодные (LED) светильники
Производитель Kino Flo

Теги: осветительный прибор светильник комплект Kino Flo

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